Ultimate Band Series



Team Bourgeois

Waiver 3

The Hangman's


Free agent picks 1 left

Draft Selections Pick 1

Round 1: Graeme Lindsay

Round 2: Kyle Wrightman

Round 3: Keith Craig

Round 4: Ryan Holdsworth

Round 5: Pass

Team Michaels

Waiver 2


Free agent picks 1 left

Draft Selections Pick 2

Round 1: Rick Slick

Round 2: Dan Christ

Round 3: Joanie Jane 

Round 4: Shane Burgess

Round 5: Pass

Team Lunn


Waiver 4

Free agent picks 0 left

Draft Selections Pick 3

Round 1: Jesse Lemothe

Round 2: Garrett Colegate

Round 3: Jay Pym

Round 4: Wasim Demachkie

Round 5: Cory Baker


Dropped: Kenney Jessop

Added: Garrett Colegate 


Team Kropf


Waiver 1

free agent picks 1 left

Draft Selections Pick 4

Round 1: Vinnie Pellegrini

Round 2: Kyle Lamb 

Round 3: Jeremiah Harris

Round 4: John Marouf

Round 5: Kristen Bezemer


Dropped: Kyle Lamb




Wasim Demachkie

Graeme Lindsay



Natalia Munoz Aka NatyBe

Wagic SJV

Kristen Bezemer

Katherine Kiss

Janine Whitaker

Cory Baker

Justin Vann


Kyle Lamb

Joanie Jane


Josh Keillor

Jesse Wray Robbins

Dave Rose

Alex edmondson

Bee Sayers


Tim carver

Andy Smith


Brian gauthier

Shane Burgess

grumm lindsay

Jesse Lamothe

William Henry Roberts

Ryan Holdsworth

Jeremiah Harris

Ben Fleming


Brian Escobar


Glen Martin

Gerald Morin

CHris storm

Gavin Harper

Robert tyler

Ken Roberts

john andrews


Jay Pym

Keith Craig

John Marouf

Keith Arseneau

Rick Slick


Alex Haird


Dan Christ

Vinnie pellegrini

Kyle Wrightman

Nick Fleming


Kenney Jessop


Shawn Poirier

Patrick Guenette

John Seibel

Brandon boudreau


Patrick Moran

Bee Sayers


grumm lindsay

Graeme Lindsay

Ryan Lunn 

Chris Curry

Jim Jacobs

grumm lindsay

Dan Newman

Randy Thomas

Rodger Bramwell

William Henry Roberts

Corey Baker (bo's daddy)

Kristen Bezemer





AUDITIONS – The Competition is open to all drummers, guitarists, bassists, singers, instrumentalists, songwriters and lyricists who are 19 and older as of January 1st, 2020. Solo artists can audition for one or more categories. The main categories are singers, guitarists, bassists and drummers. The fringe categories can be any other instrument. Auditions are held at Sessions on the River beginning in the month of February, 2020. Auditions dates are February 1st 1-5pm, February 8 1-5pm, February 15 7-11pm, February 22 1-5pm, February 29 1-5pm. Auditions are held at Sessions on the River 133 Niagara Blvd., Fort Erie Ontario.  Each contestant will play one song of their choice, cover or original song. This can be played with or without accompaniment. Songs can be no longer than 4 minutes. Please give your music to engineer prior to your audition. A 
DEADLINE: The deadline to enter is March 7th, 2020 at 4pm. 

** The organizers from Sessions on the River may accept or reject applications at their discretion. 

MUSICIAN FEES: A $20 non-refundable fee is charged for each category entered. Your fee will be collected at the time of your audition starting February 2020 paid by cash, visa, M/C or debit. HST included in fee. 

TEAM MANAGER: Will be responsible for drafting their band. Draft order will be determined by picking names out of hat. Manager will pick from pool of musicians who were officially entered into the musicians draft. Manager can draft up to 7 musicians for their band. There are no limitations to genre of music. Manager will then arrange for rehearsal time at Sessions on the River or elsewhere. Manager will have 2 months to prepare them for the next round of competition. Each band will learn 5 songs with at least 3 of them being original songs.   

COMPOSERS AND SONGWRITERS: Can submit their music and or lyrics to and songs are then entered into a draft pool of songs, where managers and bands  will choose which songs they like best.

DRAFT: All musicians  will be entered into a draft. Managers  will review your audition. Those who did not audition will be put into a wildcard list, where each manager can draft one wildcard musician.  A draft will be conducted by Managers where they will draft their Ultimate Band. The musicians who are not drafted are eliminated from the Ultimate Band Series. Bands are then formed and will prepare for the Quarter Finals. Bands will select a name for their Band. Bands will rehearse at Sessions on the River or at a location chosen by your team captain. Bands are given 2 months to prepare for the Quarter Finals. Each band will learn 4 original songs, with at least one song entered by a song writer. 

QUARTER FINALS (no quarter finals this year): Eight bands will compete in a Battle of the Bands Format. Two divisions of 4 bands will be created by selecting bands from a hat. Division one will perform at Sessions on the River in front a panel of judges. The winning band moves on to the finals. 2nd and 3rd place bands will go to the Semi-Finals. The last placed band is eliminated. 
Division two will perform at Sessions on the River in front a panel of judges. The winning band moves on to the finals. 2nd and 3rd place bands will go to the Semi-Finals. The last placed band is eliminated.

SEMI FINALS (no semi finals this year): 2nd and 3rd place bands from the quarter finals will perform at Sessions on the River in front of a panel of judges. The top 2 bands will qualify for the finals. 3rd and 4th place bands are eliminated. ​

FINALS: Four bands will compete at Sessions on the River in front a panel of judges. The Winner will be crowned the Ultimate Band Series 1 champion.

​PRIZES: Winner of the Ultimate Band Series 1 will get a 3 song EP produced at Sessions on the River worth $5,000 in recording time. This Three song EP will be distributed world wide through our online partners. Each Band will also get one song ($1000 value) produced at Sessions on the River and will be put on a compilation album, distributed world wide through our online partners . Standard music industry contracts will be given to all musicians, producers and songwriters. More prizes to be announced as the competition unfolds.


JUDGING (Bands): Judging will be done by a panel of 3 judges.

1) Music - This criterion is based on clarity, lyrical content and overall musical performance (10 points x3).

2) Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction - This Criteria is based on how well the band "rocks out" and how well the band connects with the crowd (10 points)

3) Appearance and Personality - This criterion is based on the overall look and personality. (10 points).

4) Original Material - This criterion judges the most important part of your act, your original material! Bands want to show originality in both their lyrical and instrumental performance to impress the judges (10 points x3)

5) Singer - The key ingredient to rock stardom:  FRONT MUSICIAN! (10 points x2).

STREAMING BROADCAST: Contestants agree unconditionally that their performance(s) may be recorded or broadcast in any media form by Sessions on the River Recording Studio for use at the studios discretion wholly or in part, without payment of any fee to the contestant, to promote the Ultimate Band Series and/or to raise funds to support the Ultimate Band Series.  For the avoidance of doubt copyright in such recordings shall be the intellectual property of Sessions on the River Recording Studio.

MUSICIANS: Must not be signed to a record deal or label.

​USE OF NAME & IMAGE: The Contestant grants to Sessions on the River and to parties authorized by Sessions on the River the following perpetual rights: The right to use and publish the Contestants name, likeness, and biographical material for advertising purposes in connection with the Ultimate Bands Series.

MUSICIAN / CONTESTANT RELEASE AGREEMENT: agrees to hold Sessions on the River, harmless from all claims arising from the use and promotion thereof in kind, of all kind of any kind whatsoever. SESSIONS ON THE RIVER, does not guarantee or warrant any such claims to the success or failure of Sponsor/Client participation.

COMPILATION RELEASE: Each band that is drafted is eligible to record one song for the Ultimate Band Series Compilation Album.