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READY WE'RE ROLLIN' Video Archives 

Join us for a evening of music as we showcase new music from around the world.

Be part of our studio audience as we broadcast live to world wide web.

Enjoy incredible new music and amazing sound only offered in a sound controlled envirnoment such as a recording studio.

You can sip on a glass of wine and take in the mystical atmosphere at Sessions on the River.



She Wears Black

Laura Palumbo

Chris Birkett

Jenna Glatt

The Haig

Aron Cross

Sammi Morelli

The Michael Wood Band

Theatre Crisp

Frank Crytes with Filet of Soul

The Down Right

Jen Chapin

Battered Egos

The Antiqs

Jessica Lajner

Hidden Agenda


Aaron Berger and the Blue Stars

A Book For Wanderers

The Michael Wood Band

Fenian Raid

Still LIfe

The Black Flies

Devah Quartet

Candice Sand

Express and Company

In My Coma


Ori Dagan


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