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Sessions on the River was founded by Christopher Curry, President and major shareholder in 2008. Sessions opened its doors May 1, 2008, with the vision to provide the best quality audio recordings, with the right production to compete with todays audio standards and to provide a platform for musicians to discovered by adding our live music venue, with professional HD streaming services capturing the moment to thousands of viewers online. Christopher's passion is to help musicians with their audio needs by always upgrading equipment to keep up with todays music industry. The music industry landscape is always changing and Sessions is keen on leading the way with creative ideas and solutions.


Record Label: Our objective is simple, build a creative place for creative people in a world class recordings facility and two find that next big song, sung by the right person with the right production by our creative team and produce a product worth listening to, and while creating this entity, invite the public to witness and enjoy the creation of a new star, by providing access to recording sessions via our sessions encore lounge. Through this activity we will be creating a product ready for distribution to all formats within the scope of the music industry across the globe.


Recording Studio: We understand and respect the importance of each individual project and commit ourselves to providing the highest quality recording, flexibility and patience to give you the standard of excellence required to compete in today’s market. At sessions studio you will experience friendly, comfortable surroundings that provide you, the artist, with the creative atmosphere essential to producing your best work. We offer professional audio recording services, mixing, editing and mastering.


Live Venue: Join us for a evening of music as we showcase new music from around the world. Be part of our studio audience as we broadcast live to world wide web. 


Sessions on the River is owned and operated by Earth Sky Water Productions Inc.


Board of Directors - Chris Curry - Paul Brady - Jim Winney - Peter Rigby - Jill Lunn - Chuck May - Gordon Ignatowitz


Chris Curry CEO/CFO and founder of SOTR 2008

Kevin Kreze - VP


Our lovely Shareholders, without them this would not be possible

Chris Curry

Jim Winney

Paul Brady

Kevin Kreze

Lisa Doepping

Scott Healey

Gary Brown

Cordar Inc.

Rita Sinnema.

Chuck May


Christopher Curry
Founder / President 2008

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