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AUDITIONS: solo artists audition with winners receiving a silver ticket and advance to draft. Auditions will be held at Sessions on the River.


MUSICIANS DRAFT: 8 Producers select silver ticket musicians through a draft pool to form 8 bands.SONG DRAFT – Producers will pick a song composed by a songwriter and song with just lyrics. This done through a draft as well.


REHEARSALS: Bands rehearse and prepare to learn 5 songs.


PRIZES: Winner of the Ultimate Band Series will get a full album produced at Sessions on the River worth $10,000 in recording time. Album will be distributed world wide through our online partners. Band contestants will receive 1 song ($1000 value) produced at Sessions on the River and will be put on a compilation album and distributed. Standard music industry contracts will be given to all musicians, producers and songwriters. More prizes to be announced as the competition unfolds.


MUSICIANS: Solo artists can audition for one or more categories. The main categories are singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and keyboardists. The fringe categories can be any other instrument. Auditions are held at Sessions on the River beginning in the month of April. A schedule of dates will be released. Each contestant will play one song of their choice. This can be played with or without accompaniment. Songs can be no longer than 4 minutes. Winners of round one will be selected by a panel and be given a silver ticket. Winners will be placed in a draft where 8 producers will select from a pool of musicians to form 8 bands. Once the bands are selected via a draft there next task will be to select a band name. The bands will then pick one song from a pool of songs submitted by song writers and one song submitted by a pool of lyric writers. This will also be in a draft format selected by the producers / bands. The bands will then rehearse and learn 5 songs including the bands song writer choice and lyricist choice. The bands can choose up to maximum 3 cover songs. 


PRODUCERS: Will become a team captain and will be responsible for drafting their band. Draft order will be determined by picking names out of hat. Producers will pick from pool of musicians who were given a silver ticket. There are no limitations to the number of musicians selected. There are no limitations to genre of music. Producers will then arrange for rehearsal time at Sessions on the River. Producers will have 2 months to prepare them for the next round of competition.


COMPOSERS AND SONGWRITERS: Can submit their music and or lyrics to go into a draft pool, where producers will choose which songs they like best. 

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